Patterns Show in Photo Above from left to right: Crab, Blue and Red Chevron, Beach and Pink and Green Chevron.

Step 1: Product Details

Description: Neoprene Bucket Cover (to fit our aluminum buckets) New!
Item Number: GF32 / Occasionally Made
Includes: 1 Neoprene bucket cover (COVER ONLY)

These Bucket Covers fit on our aluminum buckets so you can mix and match your bucket pattern and style! Neoprene bucket cover slides over our aluminum tub/bucket with ease and keeps contents cold while reducing condensation. If you would like to add a monogram to your bucket cover, just let us know and we will send you the details (monograms are $9 extra). Available patterns show in the photo (Crab, Blue and Red Chevron, Beach or Pink and Green Chevron).

Price: $11.00

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